Thursday, February 3, 2011

I found the artist Evelien Lohbeck on Her work, Noteboek (2008) is a multimedia work which portrays the media’s affect on society. It begins as a video of hands opening a notebook to reveal drawings of a keyboard and a screen drawn in the notebook. Stop motion is now used, and the “computer” boots up. The video goes on, as if the viewer were going on a computer and searching for more of Lohbeck’s works, except it is all drawn.

There is no sound except for whatever sounds typing and clicking make, and the occasional sounds that the internet on the screen makes. Her work takes you into a frame within a frame. When I watched this, I felt it was an extremely interesting and intriguing way to experience the internet. We are so used to all the crisp looks and intense graphics, but this internet is all hand drawn and with no color.

Sources: Rhizome.,

One of the videos shown on this interface involves her scanning her face into another notebook, and that notebook acting as a scanner, all while happening in a video on the notebook that is a video itself! It's crazy, which is perhaps why I love it so much!

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